TADA’s Revolution first stop motion video

Join Haupfear, Prescott, P.B., Nutfield, Fabian, Mongstad, and Gimp Dog in TADA’s Revolution’s first stop motion adventure. Welcome Bosworth, our first fully posable puppet.

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Easter Bunny Auditions

[nivoslider id=”1409″] Prescott favors cockroach rabbit. He likes the pastel colors and the festive neckwear, but the other judges have serious sanitary concerns. Tobinski votes for wooden rabbit. He likes his chiseled and well defined features, but the others are concerned that he may be too stiff. Recycle R likes Haupfear the most, but his…

Test Day

Guy: I didn’t study at all…What am I gonna to do? Wow, Tobby’s really cutting up.

Leopold: Can’t answer the hard questions on an empty stomach.

Guy: Quadratic equation? That’s brilliant! I’m gonna copy Tobby! [scoot scoot]

Slim: The scores are out everybody!
Tobby: 13%?! Andrew’s bringing on the hurt!