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About TADA’s Revolution

In 2008, after 12 years of sizing pumps, dodging chemical burns, making cleaner flue gas, drawing rotors, chasing spy satellites, and making bigger, better cows, I left the world of engineering.  It was a decision that elicited mixed feelings, but a necessary transition given the relative importance of staving off suicidal tendencies.

In my hiatus from cubicle-life, I awakened a long suppressed love for art, and discovered great joy in drawing, crochet, and sewing.  It was shortly after that I also acquired Tada.  Tada was a loveable but heavily tattered bear.  His many adventures had yellowed his dilapidated fur, clouded his eyes with wiggle eye cataracts, and wore his smile down to the stuffing.  Tada had one foot in the dumpster and one foot out, but I decided that I would give this old bear a second chance at adventure for the low price of $2.99 on eBay.

I have decided to name my collection of work after Tada because it shares much in common with Tada’s experience.

TADA’s Revolution is rebirth.  It represents redemption from the garbage pile; it represents salvation from an ordinary, dreary, monotone reality.

Tada invites you to join his Revolution.  Please enjoy your visit!

  1. Laurie

    Your whimsy has made my day. I’ve been transported to a whole new world with your creations and I’ve decided to stay here!

  2. tina

    your world rocks!

  3. Jaime

    I love this! So awesome!

  4. I’ve only recently found this through a Flickr pool and I adore your tableaus and stories – they always make me smile

  5. Your website is wonderfull. The critters are all so adorable, and the sets you have them photographed on are amazing.

  6. greenelevator

    your work is amazing!

  7. You’re AMAZING!!! I love your stories, beautiful photos and the cutest characters! Don’t ever stop what you’re doing!! 😀

  8. This is truely beautiful. I love your characters and their small settings. I found your site through à voir etc… and I’m glad I did.

  9. wow……..really, wow!

  10. I love your site, the animals made my day! The elephants are so adorable, as are the “Bears Over Troubled Waters”

  11. Jaime

    WOW <3

  12. Love this. You’re so talented! :]

  13. Jul

    This is like heaven… Really amazing stuff, totally made my day..

  14. Thank heavens you and TaDa found each other before horrible things happened to each of you….great photos…just found you via a pic in mixtape magazine…

  15. emma

    your creations absolutely blow me away and make me melt inside. pure joy wrapped in layer upon layer of glee and rapture! Nutzilla kills me, in the best possible way.

  16. I love these! They are just so cute and clever. I love miniature things.

    Could I use a couple of the images on my blog? The ones with spring cleaning. I’d credit you obviously.

  17. Hello!!! im from Brazil and I love the cute things u do! I like this revolution thing too! keep up this great work, xoxoxox

  18. I have discover your work thanks to a friend and I just want to say : BRAVO !!!!

    It is just completely magic ! please please continue your creation, I love it !!!

    Léa (France)

  19. kat

    Hello from Sydney, Australia! This is the most magical wonderful website I have visited in ages, absolute genius!! I make tiny worlds but yours takes it to a whole other level. Thank you so much ♥

  20. Hi, this is great. fantastic quality! Do you sell prints?

  21. I stumbled upon this site while looking through Re-Ment pictures on Flickr, and you have captured my heart. This has really made an otherwise uneventful Monday early evening a lot of fun! This is something to aspire to!

  22. I LOVE TADA’S world! Pure Genius!!

  23. Lui

    I found you on flickr and follwed your link – I love your sense of humour and the detail is incredible and not to mention the characters, I have really enjoyed the journey through your blog thank you!!!

  24. Hello 🙂

    I love your website. Tada warms my heart. I make a comic called the dust piggies. it’s at would you like to do a link exchange?


  25. hello, it’s Stefanie from flickr~! great to see your blog….your works are truly ASTOUNDING and WONDERFUL!!!

  26. This is really amazing, whimsical and witty, right up my alley! I’m so glad I got to know your work, it truly made my day today 🙂
    A fellow crafter, Anne-Claire aka Hibou

  27. Um Anon

    Love this!!

  28. Your work is amazing, and it makes me smile…

  29. I’m a big fan of your work and of your philosophy !! Thanks for the fun !!

  30. Lily

    Probably not what your art is about, but I have to tell you that these interiors are amazing, and when I win the lottery I’ll contact you to redesign/redecorate my house.

  31. Deb

    I have a TaDa and would love to share his pic…. I may try to ad a pic to my facebook page and leave a link here… i am 64 years old and he has been with me since i was 6 weeks old… him and poodle dog. Teddy Bear has been worn beyond recognition from all his great adventures…. and has truly been blessed by God from all the prayers i said while holding him… This site makes me think of him and how precious he is to me.

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