After realizing that his favorite brand of dijon mustard has been discontinued, monkey erupts into violence.

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Step 1: Get nuts; Step 2: Take over forest; Step 3: Take over world!

...because Diablo has got a gun

Public Service

4:45 PM - Catalyst spends quality time with his son Miles.

It says here that there is a wild grizzly bear on the loose...

After conquering the world, Nutfield enjoys a taco platter with his son Nutzilla.

Cortez enjoys a private moment in bliss.

Which rabbit would you pick?

Teppanyaki Dynamite

Bears over troubled water

St. TADA's Hospital ER waiting room

Welcome to TADA’s Revolution!

I am a multimedia artist based out of Los Angeles!  I am completely self-taught and specialize in textile, crochet, polymer clay, miniatures, photography, and stop-motion video!  The full body of my work can be found on my Flickr page, and YouTube channel.  Please make yourself comfortable, I hope you enjoy my work.  Prints and miniatures are available on my Etsy store!  Like me on Facebook to follow the Revolution, and feel free to contact me with any ideas or just to chat.  I am available to do custom pieces and commissioned work!

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